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Why hire a professional photographer? Because you deserve one.

By Taylor Cupp

Wedding photography flowers.
Image: D Taylor Cupp Photography and Marketing

When it comes to weddings, parties, celebrations, and other events, we spend so much time and money planning and considering every detail. We agonize over color choices, flowers, clothing, the proper mood music, scheduling, meals, and whether or not we can accommodate that weird uncle who has an ever changing, bizarre diet. We care about our important events and want them to be perfect.

So why are some folks reluctant to hire a professional photographer? Is it because of the investment? Is it because they want to indulge their cousin who just got their first "fancy" camera? Check out how bad that can go HERE in this article from

An example of terrible wedding photography (Image: Ben Lack Photography Ltd)

Whatever the reason, it's a shortcut not worth taking. Professional photographers have the proper training and equipment to capture beautiful images that you and your children will cherish your entire lives. Plus, pros have experience shooting weddings so they know the "flow" of these events and when to be where to capture those unforgettable moments. Professional photographers are worth the investment because you're worth it.

Contact me today about capturing your nexts event! You deserve it!

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